Debt Advisory & Placement

Debt Advisory & Placement

Our Debt Advisory team works closely with Corporates and their investors to advise on and execute funding solutions to assist companies in realizing their strategic ambitions. We are also in a position to assist banks and institutions who wish to perform due diligence and scenario analysis as part of the credit approval process.

The Debt Advisory team specializes in three main areas:

  • Raising debt (Origination)
  • Re-financing debt
  • Re-structuring debt

Our approach

We recognize that the capital structure is just one part of the strategic ambitions of a business. Therefore, we seek to deliver and execute our advice in the context of the company’s overall objectives to ensure goal congruence with all stakeholders. We work closely with a business, management team and lenders to prepare for a debt raising process.

This ensures we deliver a robust proposition to lenders which is supported by appropriate financial assumptions. Preparing for due diligence also allows the business to anticipate and tackle any areas for improvement in its proposition. By drawing on the team’s collective knowledge and experience, we are suitably placed to work with a company at each stage of the debt raising process.

In particular, we focus on providing the following services:

  • Working with management to determine the company’s ideal and feasible capital structure.
  • Advising the company regarding existing loan renegotiation and structuring options.
  • Identifying a universe of the right potential lenders that have a current appetite for loans within the Company’s profile and proposed capital structure.
  • Leveraging our relationships with, and knowledge of, lenders (bank and non-bank) across the Middle East to maximize options and ultimately optimize loan structure pricing, terms and flexibility.
  • Creating thorough and “lender-friendly” information packages that properly communicate the company’s story, lay out detailed cash flow/ financial models, collateral analyses, liquidation analyses and multiple performance cases/scenarios.
  • Leading the financing process, including managing the deal timeline, data room/due diligence process, information communication, management meetings and securing competitive bids.
  • Advising management in review of loan proposals to optimize structure, terms, pricing, fit and flexibility, including facility size, collaterals, bank fees and pricing, reporting requirements, representations & warranties and indemnifications.
  • Financial modeling of loan proposal to “stress-test” proposed covenants and ultimately set reasonable deal covenants and terms.
  • Advising management and company counsel in review and negotiation of definitive loan documentation.
  • Performing other tasks as needed to facilitate closing.