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Equity Advisory

Raising funds to help support your business’s growth is fundamental to financing a company; and in the unprecedented economic environment, this is an ever-increasing challenge for Middle Eastern businesses.

Fursa is experienced in helping management teams, corporates and private shareholders raise equity finance.  Our teams will help guide you throughout the whole process, from identifying the most appropriate forms of finance, through to the final negotiations.

In particular, we focus on providing the following services:

  • Assist the Client in evaluating the indicative business & equity value of the Company;
  • Discuss appropriate transaction structures based on various factors such as objectives of the Client, Company and potential buyers, applicable regulations, etc.;
  • Prepare all marketing material including a transaction teaser and investor presentation ;
  • Identify a list of potential strategic/financial investors and agree with the Client;
  • Solicit offers from such approved investors;
  • Finalize Term Sheet with the Client and the prospective investors selected by the Client;
  • Lead and coordinate the due diligence process including legal, financial and technical due diligence
  • In coordination with an independent legal advisor, assist the Client’s lawyers in drafting appropriate legal agreements and all other documentation required to proceed with the Transaction, and
  • Overall conclusion of the Transaction.